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Dear Supporters, and Praying Partners,                                                                        September 2017
           We praise the Lord for health and safety!  The beginning of August the girls started the new school year, and are doing great!  This means a much busier time for Sarah as she begins teaching again.  We are now coming toward the end of the rainy season, which is somewhat of a relief.  We had rain nearly every day through the month of August.   

            The Lord allowed us to find a new place to rent for the church.  We were finding it difficult at the other location, with so many outside disturbances, and the rent was too much for the church to handle.  We are now renting a school which we use on Sunday and Wednesday.  It is not as large, but the rent is able to be paid monthly by the church. We are still continuing to pray that God would provide the money to purchase our own permanent location.  God has been working in and through the moving of the church.

           God has been working in our church.  Aloysius has only a few lessons of discipleship remaining, and Hannah, his wife, has started discipleship with Sarah.  This is the first lady to come faithfully and join in discipleship.  We also were able to see Thomas trust Christ as his Savior.  He is traditionally Catholic, and his family has been for years.  But after visiting our church for the 3rd time he told me, Im not sure, Im on the right path.  I was able to share the Gospel with him and he accepted Christ alone as his Savior.  Please pray for his family.  He has a strong desire to see them also trust Christ, but they are not willing to leave the Catholic church.  Pray that God would allow us more opportunities to witness to them, and see them trust Christ alone.

            As many of you are aware, there has been some political unrest in these two regions during the last couple of months.  We thank the Lord for His protection and guidance through this time.  At the beginning of September there was some protest about school resuming, and in most of the English part of Cameroon schools were still closed.  There were some schools that proceeded to open, and some busses were burnt as a result.  Just over a week ago, thousands of protesters, across the 2 English regions marched in protest, and there were about 8 people killed as a result of them.  On October 1, a group that wants the English regions to secede from the rest of French Cameroon, formally declared their Independence from La Republic du Cameroun.  Those in agreement with it took to the streets after the government had banned any public gatherings of 4 or more people over the weekend.  They were met by police and military who tried to disperse the crowds with tear gas and firing guns in the air. The initial news reports are that dozens have been killed, and many others wounded.  Please pray that God will give us wisdom through all of this, because it does not look like it will be ending soon.  Pray that peace would return to Cameroon.

Thank You for your prayers and financial support,

The Benson Family

Caleb Benson ~ Missionary to Cameroon,

Please send support to BIMI, PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341, (423)344-5050; Memo: Benson Family #1459

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